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Carbon Deposits and Direct Injection Engines

The primary cause of these problems is that fuel and added detergents are not hitting the back of the intake valves.

Carbon Deposit Q&A

Follow along to learn more about carbon deposits.

Mazda SkyActiv Engine Service Tips

These engines have been reliable, but there are four pattern failures you might see.

Toyota Direct Injection? Port Injection? Why Not Both?

Port fuel injection and direct fuel injection systems each have their advantages and disadvantages.

Mercedes-Benz Direct Injection

You may think that direct injection is rather new technology, but it might surprise you to hear how long it has been around.

Audi/VW 2.0L FSI and TFSI Maintenance

The Audi and VW 2.0L TFSI, TSI and FSI engines have been around for almost 15 years. In that time, Audi/VW have made endless revisions and updates to the hardware and software.

Audi Fuel System Diagnostics

Nine out of 10 times, a P0087/16471 “Fuel System Rail Pressure Too Low” DTC points to replacement of the high-pressure fuel pump. But there are other problems that will set the code, says Import Specialist Contributor Bob Howlett, who takes a closer look at the 2009 Audi A4 that came into his shop with this issue.

Hyundai Fuel System, Emissions Diagnostics

Hyundai has done a good job of improving its ­offerings over the years from both an aesthetic and mechanical viewpoint. Complemented by a strong warranty and good value, the carmaker has been able to increase its market share year over year. If you aren’t seeing these cars in your bay, it’s only a matter of

Diagnostics for Hyundai Fuel Systems and Emissions