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Dill Introduces 1506-BAND TPMS Kit For DRW

The 1506-BAND system is a six-sensor unit, with each sensor mounted inside a cradle that gets banded to the wheel.

Dill Offers Dual Seal Cap

The leak-free lock-on design has been newly revised to include more serrations for an easier and more secure lock during inflation.

Dill Revamps Digital Inflator

This built-to-order inflator has a large back-lit LCD display and convenient bleed feature built into the handle.

Dill Makes Annual Donation To Susan G. Komen

Dill produces pink Breast Cancer Awareness air gauges in its Oxford, North Carolina, manufacturing facility.

Dill Unveils Digital Inflator With Stainless Steel Hose

Dill’s stainless steel version of the 7260 includes an auto on/off feature and each unit is assembled and tested in the U.S.

Dill Now Offers Digital Inflator

These inflators are designed with a single trigger that has a convenient, built-in bleed feature for precise air pressure adjustment.