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BMW Engine Repairs

Though six-cylinder, inline engines are not as popular today as they were just 25 years ago, their sound and layout still translates well into high performance, durability and smoothness. The six-cylinder M50 series was originally used in 5 series cars in the early 1990s, and is now the basis for the 3 and 5 series

Volvo: Sometimes You Learn the Hard Way: Fixing Volvo Oil Leaks Right the First Time

The customer’s Volvo has an oil leak. You think you do everything right. You add dye and see the rear main oil seal leaking. The repair goes smoothly, the customer is happy…for about two weeks. Then the rear main oil seal is leaking again, and he wants to know why. This is not an isolated

Diagnostic Solutions: Cylinder Head Service, Restoring the Engine to Precise OE Tolerances

Although cylinder head repairs have been a staple of the import repair shop for many years, modern technology has changed the way we should sell and perform cylinder head services. In years past, for example, a cylinder head repair need last only 30,000 or 40,000 miles until the vehicle was retired from service. Today, however,

Diagnostic Solutions: Oil Filters… Are Working Harder Than Ever to Supply Clean Oil to Vital Engine Parts

Although oil filtration isn’t a new science, it’s important to remember that modern engine technology is placing new demands on oil filters. At the very least, modern engines require extremely clean oil for maximum reliability and longevity. But, more important, the use of synthetic lubricants and on-board monitored oil change intervals has allowed manufacturers to

Subaru Engine Repairs: Attention to Detail Critical in Head Gasket Replacement

To say the first Subaru brought to our shores in 1969 by Malcolm Bricklin was different would be an understatement. The Subaru 360 was a shrunken version of a VW bug, with a small two-cycle engine in the back. It fit into a market niche that probably didn’t exist at the time in the U.S.;

Timing Belt Replacement: Safeguarding Your Customers’ Vehicles From Major Engine Damage

Although better materials and manufacturing technology have extended the timing belt replacement intervals on many nameplates, timing belt replacements remain one of the most profitable scheduled maintenance services. They continue to be profitable because many other scheduled services like spark plug replacements, filter replacements, coolant changes and transmission fluid changes can be packaged with a

Internal Engine Repairs: Begin with Diagnosing Engine Failure Culprits

Saab engine technology has evolved through the years, but the same basic design of the original B202 engine is still used in today’s Saabs. When the 16-valve 2.0L engine (B202) was developed in 1984, I was one of 10 people chosen from the East Coast area by Saab in the United States to attend a

Engine Maintenance: Head Gasket Failure Symptoms and Diagnosis

Over the last decade, the engines that have been used in the Honda and Acura line of cars and SUVs not only deliver many miles of service, but their performance level sets a standard that few car makers in their class have been able to match. Additional proof of both the reliability and potential of

Internal Engine Repairs: Why Head Gaskets Fail

A blown head gasket is bad news for any motorist. It means the cylinder head has to be removed, and possibly resurfaced, to replace the head gasket. If coolant has entered the cylinders and/or crankcase, additional repairs or a whole new engine may be needed depending on the extent of the damage. Anyway you look