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HD Xtreme CV Axles (VIDEO)

HD Xtreme CV Axles are ideal for fleet, ride sharing & delivery vehicles.
This video is sponsored by TrakMotive.

GSP Launches New Performance Revolution Cv Axle

Current applications include Subaru, BMW, Audi.

Understanding Subaru XXT CV Axles (VIDEO)

The XXT CV axle design eliminates binding issues encountered on vehicles. This video is sponsored by TrakMotive.

Understanding Subaru HD CV Axles (VIDEO)

There are inherent CV axle problems associated with the boxer engine design. This video is sponsored by TrakMotive.

Mercedes-Benz 4Matic Problems

4MATIC is constantly evolving. Here are some of the most common issues with it.

CV Axle Installation Tips

CV joint shafts are typically being replaced at anywhere from 70,000 to 130,000 miles.

Happy Birthday Audi Quattro!

The Audi Quattro system celebrates its 40th birthday this month.

CV Axle Diagnostic And Service Tips

For inner plunge joints, the axle could bottom out. If the replacement axle is close, but not exactly made to the correct specifications, the misalignment of the axles can be even more compounded.

VIDEO: Clicking From The CV Joint Or Axle? Check Out This TSB

Andrew Markel introduces a TSB from Nissan involving noise from the area of the CV joint, and discusses what could be causing the noise. Sponsored by Nissan.

VIDEO: Motor Mounts And U-Joints: How One Affects The Other

Andrew Markel discusses the relationship between motor mounts and U-joints, and how position changes in the engine can affect U-joints and CV axles. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

TrakMotive Introduces 40 New CV Axle Numbers

TrakMotive’s “All New” CV Axle offering is now up to 2,179 SKUs, providing some of the most comprehensive new CV axle market coverage in North America, the company says.

TrakMotive Expands CV Axle Offering By 170 New Numbers

TrakMotive’s coverage includes 130 new import part numbers, such as 25 New Hyundai numbers; 25 new Kia numbers; 30 new Toyota numbers; 20 new Nissan numbers; 10 new Honda numbers; and 37 new domestic numbers for GM, Ford and Chrysler applications.