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CTA Tools Introduces Glow Plug Puller Kit

The Glow Plug Puller Kit (7804) is especially useful in narrow engine bays, with glow plugs nearest the fire-wall. According to the company, technicians can remove broken glow plugs from the top of the cylinder head without damage.

CTA Tools Introduces Lug Driller

The Lug Driller (1775) from CTA Tools removes the most difficult locking lug bolts quickly, safely and without damage to the wheel or rim, said the company.

CTA Deep Metric Socket Set Provides Access To Recessed Areas

The CTA Tools Deep Metric Socket Set features 120mm long metric sockets for extra-deep reach to provide access to recessed areas with extra long bolts, as found on some bumpers, rear lamps, glow plugs and door hinge fittings.

CTA Tools Introduces New Hose Clamp Pliers

These new Hose Clamp Pliers (1048) from CTA Tools feature a 30mm circle head with multi-directional diamond pattern for secure grip and a wide application range, including radiator hose clamps, transmission cooler lines, air intake clamps and more.

CTA 92-Piece Comprehensive Diagnostic Line Kit Quickly Tests Electrical Systems

The kit allows users to effortlessly analyze voltage, continuity, impedance and current.

CTA Tools Introduces 26-Piece Terminal Release Set

The kit fits both import and domestic vehicles and trucks, and includes special tools for coolant sensors, wiring harnesses and terminal blocks on most modern vehicles.