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Checklist: Winter Brake System Issues to Look Out For

Welcome to January, where much of the United States has begun to experience cold temperatures, snowstorms and icy roads. Depending on where your shop is located, you could be looking at another three months of cold, wet weather, bringing with it the usual wear-and-tear to customers’ vehicles. You know the importance of always performing a

Mercedes: Scale And Corrosion On Axle Hubs Cause Vibration, Judder

Failure to remove the corrosion/scaling may cause an excessive buildup.

‘How Brake Pads Are Made’ Video Reaches 1 Million Views

YouTube celebrity Chris Fix uploaded a video to YouTube showing how a brake pad is manufactured from the stamping of the backing plate to installation on his vehicle. NRS Brakes allowed Fix to document the complete process at its facilities in Toronto.

Mercedes-Benz: Axle Hub Vibration And Judder From Corrosion

It is imperative that when installing brake discs (front or rear) that any excessive corrosion/scaling which may have developed on the axle hub be removed. Failure to remove the corrosion/scaling may cause an excessive buildup, which can create adverse forces that may result in brake vibrations or judder.

Mercedes Benz axle hub
Coolant Condition: More Than Just A Wallet Flush

Overheating is a rare occurrence, as coolant can last more than 100,000 miles. But over time, it can lose its ability to protect the engine against damage.

Checking the radiator antifreeze
Replace Valve Stems at the First Signs of Corrosion

Be sure to replace any valve stems that appear to be corroded or severe tire damage can occur.