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Carbon Deposit Q&A

Follow along to learn more about carbon deposits.

BMW 4-Series Service

The 4-series does not stray far from the typical BMW engineering and operation.

BMW Telematics – Has It Really Been 25 Years?

The first step into the connected future took place in 1998 with “BMW Telematics” and the BMW Assist package.

BMW Transfer Case Service

The transfer case is a rather unique design in the way that it operates a clutch pack mechanically, not hydraulically.

Lexus Vibration, Tapping Or Misfire After Cold Soak

Here are the steps to follow if experiencing vibration, tapping or misfire after a cold soak in your customers Lexus.

Hyundai: Check Engine Light And Code P2442

Follow this Real Fix to see how to diagnose a P2442 code on this 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe using a smoke machine to verify its EVAP system problem.

hyundai check engine fratured
Nissan: Solving Performance & Check Engine Light Issues

Learn how to diagnose various Nissan ­engine performance issues, including those that involve no crank, no spark; various DTCs like P0507, P0335 and P0755; crank and crank sensor ­issues; and fuel delivery concerns.

Toyota: Check Engine Light Leads To New Battery Temperature Sensor

Complaint: The customer states the check engine light is on. Cause: A scan tool finds code P0517 – Battery Temperature Sensor Circuit High. A road test, while using the scan tool to ­monitor live data, finds the battery temperature sensor signal parameter is above specifications. A visual inspection of the battery temperature sensor wiring harness

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