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Lexus Vibration, Tapping Or Misfire After Cold Soak

Here are the steps to follow if experiencing vibration, tapping or misfire after a cold soak in your customers Lexus.

Hyundai: Check Engine Light And Code P2442

Follow this Real Fix to see how to diagnose a P2442 code on this 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe using a smoke machine to verify its EVAP system problem.

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Nissan: Solving Performance & Check Engine Light Issues

Learn how to diagnose various Nissan ­engine performance issues, including those that involve no crank, no spark; various DTCs like P0507, P0335 and P0755; crank and crank sensor ­issues; and fuel delivery concerns.

Toyota: Check Engine Light Leads To New Battery Temperature Sensor

Complaint: The customer states the check engine light is on. Cause: A scan tool finds code P0517 – Battery Temperature Sensor Circuit High. A road test, while using the scan tool to ­monitor live data, finds the battery temperature sensor signal parameter is above specifications. A visual inspection of the battery temperature sensor wiring harness

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