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VIDEO: Charging System Diagnostics

Andrew Markel goes over alternator diagnostics and the tools and knowledge you need to maximize charging performance. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Can You Service Modern Batteries?

The construction of batteries has changed significantly from olden days. Battery issues are now even more difficult to diagnose. Here is what is different.

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Modern Charging Systems: Cover All The Bases During the Diagnostic Process

To quote a familiar situation: “My customer’s car is now on its third alternator in six months and my jobber store refuses to ­warranty a fourth.” In other words, the parts supplier believes that an underlying problem is causing these alternators to fail and, therefore, won’t warranty more alternators. While we occasionally ­experience a sequence

Charging System Diagnostics
Import Insights: BMW (September 2014)

BMW Partners with Samsung for Battery Cells The BMW Group and Samsung SDI plan to expand their supply relationship for battery cells for electro-mobility. The two companies recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to this effect in Seoul. Samsung SDI will supply the BMW Group with battery cells for the BMW i3, BMW i8

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BMW Group to Develop Inductive Charging System For Hybrid Cars

BMW believes systems for the inductive charging of high-voltage batteries are the next step forward for energy supply. The development objective is to put reliable, non-wearing and user-friendly solutions for inductive charging into production that have been tailored to both the batteries in the BMW i cars and the high-voltage batteries in future plug-in hybrid models