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Lexus RX 330 – Moaning Sound Heard at 1,100-1,400 RPM

Some 2004-’06 RX 330 owners may experience a moan noise heard at 1,100 rpm to 1,400 rpm with the A/C on. Applicable Vehicles: 2004-’06 model year RX 330 ­vehicles. Repair Procedure: 1. Verify the customer concern.   a. Start the engine.   b. Turn on the A/C.   c. Hold the engine rpm ­between 1,100-1,400.

Baja 1000 champion Joe Bacal to Keynote MACS 2012 Convention

For more than a decade, Bacal tested Toyota products at the company’s Technical Center and eventually became their lead off-road specialist

MACS Issues Reminder on Refrigerant Usage in Mobile A/C Service

The Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide strongly recommends the use of a refrigerant identifier during mobile A/C service to inform the technician of the chemical content of the refrigerant in a mobile A/C system and to verify the content and purity of refrigerant purchased in cylinders.

A/C Update: Recharging A/C Compressor for 2009 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

This article will provide you with critical information on recovering and recharging the A/C compressor on a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid.

A/C Service Tools and Equipment Meeting the Latest Requirements

The automotive industry’s constant change means new business and new tools. In light of recent A/C changes, Mike DuBois shares information and suggestions for making tool and equipment-buying decisions to meet new requirements.

A/C Update: Flush Service Guidelines for GM Hybrids

What you may have thought was just another air conditioning system on a similar non-hybrid vehicle will not be the same on a hybrid vehicle. The following article explains flushing procedures and the unique lubricants exclusive to General Motors hybrid vehicles.

Directions: GM Leads the Industry in the Race for a Greener Refrigerant

The switch to HFO-1234yf is expected to help GM vehicles meet the overall requirements of the U.S. EPA’s latest motor vehicle greenhouse gas regulations.

Tech Tip: Sealing Pipe Connections on Porsche Expansion Valve

Under certain circumstances, refrigerant loss from the area of the expansion valve pipe connections can be misdiagnosed as a defective expansion valve. As of production date October 1993, a longer bolt has been used in the installation of the A/C lines to the expansion valve. The new bolt is installed as a precaution to prevent the expansion valve from distorting, which could cause a leak at the pipe connections on the expansion valve.

Tech Tip: No or Insufficient Cooling Output in Mercedes-Benz C-Class

If an owner of a 2004 C 240 Sedan complains of no or insufficient cooling output, it could be caused by the refrigerant line, whose inner coating has come loose in the flexible section of the hose, causing constriction.

Diagnosing A/C Systems with Automatic Climate Control

Diagnosis is often the biggest challenge, especially if the cause of a no-cooling problem is not obvious. Is it the refrigeration circuit, an electrical problem or a control issue?

Stronghold for 1234yf is Crumbling – Part II

In this installment of a two-part editorial from, high refrigerant costs, the need for new plants and pending patent issues put the use of HFC-1234yf more and more into doubt.

Supporters of R744 in Mobile A/C Systems Express Problems with 1234yf Refrigerant

The growing reluctance over 1234yf has now led its own proponents and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to dreadfully search for a system solution that would enable the use of the refrigerant, no matter what the system cost and efficiency implications