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Advance Launches DieHard Battery-Stocking Program

Advance is offering a consignment option to qualified repair shops.

Carquest Partners With Bruce Willis To Bring Back ‘Die Hard’

In the 2-minute film, Hollywood legend Bruce Willis reprises his role of detective John McClane.

Autologic Diagnostics Partners With WORLDPAC Training Institute And CARQUEST Technical Institute

This year’s event will consist of intensive training classes over the course of two days. Autologic, with support from WTI and CTI, is offering instructor-led classes with some of the top names in the automotive industry, including BMW expert Eric Scharping.

Carquest Starters And Alternators At Advance Professional

Carquest Starters and Alternators, available exclusively from Advance Professional and Carquest, are a triple tested, quality product designed to meet or exceed OE specifications.

MOOG Hub Bearings Available From Advance Professional

Advance Professional offers MOOG hub bearings, quality parts designed to maximize strength and anti-friction to ensure a safe, smooth steering performance.

Carquest Wearever Platinum Professional Brake Pads

Carquest Wearever Platinum Professional Brake Pads, exclusively at Advance Professional and Carquest, offer the benefit of a comprehensive premium brake pad program, engineered for professionals.

Carquest By BWD And Intermotor Sensors

Advance Professional offers Carquest by BWD and Intermotor Sensors, designed and triple-tested to meet or exceed OE specifications with exceptional performance and extended service life.

Oil Service for Today’s Vehicles

You have most likely been made aware over the last few years that you need to be diligent in which oil you choose when servicing today’s modern vehicles. Hopefully your team is trained to look up the proper OEM specification for engine oil and can effectively find and verify that specification on the oil bottle