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Free Download: Car Care Council Consumer Handouts

Topics include vehicle systems, telematics and understanding warranty.

Free Downloadable Images From Car Care Council

Free to shops for sharing car care messages on websites and social media.

Spark Plugs Need To Be Replaced Periodically, Advises Car Care Council

“Many car owners delay spark plug repair on their vehicles, even after they have failed. This is a mistake since fouled, damaged or worn out spark plugs can lead to engine damage, reduced fuel efficiency and poor performance like misfiring, hard starting and sluggish acceleration,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council.

New Video From The Car Care Council Explains TPMS

The Car Care Council recommends that tire pressure be checked at least once a month and more often during cold weather months.

Car Care Council Announces Partnership With Family Service Day

Family Service Day’s flagship initiative, called “Keeping Cars Kickin’,” is a program through which repair shop owners and employees across the country provide necessary preventative maintenance and car-care education at no charge to local families who need help caring for their vehicles.