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BMW X3 E83 Brake Job

BMW’s first attempt at a crossover SUV is what they call a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV).

Audi E-Tron Brake Jobs

With these vehicles, the major aggravation for shops is brake noise.

Brake Caliper Service

Here are the service implications that come with brake packages.

Nissan Maxima Brake Job: Seventh Generation, 2009-2014 Models

These brake systems are known to make noise if the proper procedures are not followed and brake materials are not installed properly. The OE pads use a Non-Asbestos Organic (NAO) compound. The NAO material provides increased resistance to brake squeal. Some customers have complained about noisy brakes on these vehicles, so it is a good idea to explain the different pad compounds and varying degrees of noise resistance to let them decide which best suits their needs.

Solving Kia Soul Brake Pad Failures

The main culprit of friction material separation is typically corrosion.

Squeal! Grind! Clunk! How To Fix Brake Noise

A proper brake inspection, some common causes for brake noise and some steps that may get overlooked.

Brake Pad Separation On Electric And Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid and electric vehicles use regenerative braking to capture energy to charge the batteries.

Brake Line Replacement Options

We’ve got all the rules for replacing brake lines for you right here.

Tech Tip: Brake Pad Efficiency with Burnishing

Old rotors should be replaced or resurfaced, and the hub-mounting surface should be cleaned thoroughly.

CARDONE Tech Tip: Installing Aluminum Brake Calipers

When you install the caliper, the banjo bolt gets fed through the end of the brake hose and mounts to the inlet of the caliper.

IPA Tools Tech Tip: Uneven Brake Wear

If a customer has uneven brake wear and you just assume it is a bad caliper and replace it, you may be guessing incorrectly. Imploded brake hoses and stuck proportioning valves produce hidden symptoms that are not easily diagnosed.

How Import Brake Formulations Changed Service

A brake pad may require up to 20 different raw materials.