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Understanding and Preventing Brake Noise

Silence noise with a complete brake job. This video is part of the Group Training Academy.

VIDEO: How Do Brake Pad Shims Work?

Brake pad shims create a barrier between the brake pad and caliper. This video is sponsored by ADVICS.

VIDEO: Brake Noise? More Like ‘Noise When Braking’

Andrew Markel discusses customer complaints about noise when applying the brakes, and how that noise may not necessarily point to a problem with the brake system. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Audi Brake Pad Wear Sensor Operation And Service

Almost every Audi for the past 20 years has been equipped with electronic brake pad wear sensors. Most of them mount the brake pad with a clip, but some are molded into the brake pad. These sensors change their electrical resistance as the loop of wire is worn down and eventually breaks as the brake pads wear down.

VIDEO: Brake Noise Diagnostics

Andrew Markel explores brake noise, which noises signify which symptoms, and how to remedy them. Sponsored by Nissan.

VIDEO: Consistency Reduces Brake Pad Noise

Andrew Markel explains how using the right tools is necessary to maintain consistent temperature and brake pressure on friction material, and reduce brake noise. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Silencing Brake Noise After Service

There are no shortcuts to performing a noise-free brake job. It is a difficult job that requires combining the correct parts, knowledge and preparation to make sure that the brakes do not make a noise for more than 20,000 miles or more.

Eliminating Brake Noise: A Product Of The Entire Brake System

The process by which your ears work is amazing. Moving air hits a diaphragm in your ear and tiny bones activate nerves that transmit signals to the brain. How the air, diaphragm and nerves interact can mean the difference between conversation or annoying brake noise.

Brake Lubricants: Reduce Noise And Optimize Performance

Under extreme braking conditions, some lubricants can’t take the heat and melt off, evaporate, oxidize or burn. That’s why ordinary, general-purpose chassis grease should never be used for lubricating brake components. It simply won’t hold up.

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Runout and DTV: How to Decrease Comebacks With Two Simple Tools

Replacing rotors on every brake job is not a cost-effective or efficient way to perform brake service. You may save 10 to 15 minutes by not having to use a dial indicator and a micrometer, but your risk of a comeback can dramatically increase.

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Kia Tech Tip: Grinding Noise When Applying Brakes

Some vehicles may experience a squeaking or grinding noise originating from the front or rear disc brakes when the brake is applied. The concern may be related to the brake pads sticking and not moving freely in the slides due to lack of lubrication and/or corrosion.

Tech Tip: Mitsubishi Front Brake Ringing Noise

Customers may complain of a high-pitch noise from the front brakes during a low-speed light brake application.