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Bar’s Leaks Tech Tip: Help Your Customers Keep Their Cool

Remind your customers of these three important steps to maximize vehicle cooling performance this summer.

How to Pinpoint an Oil Leak Source (VIDEO)

The key is to follow the trail to the farthest forward and highest up point that you can find. Sponsored by Bar’s Leaks.

Bar’s Leaks Oil Seal Leak Repair

Oil Seal works with all types of motor/engine oil, according to Bar’s.

Bar’s Leaks Releases New Gear Repair

Axle and Differential Gear Repair seals leaks, reduces grinding, whining and clunking, says the company.

Bar’s Leaks Dual Action Formulas Get New Grab-And-Go Packaging

The new packaging features a full body sleeve over the bottle that presents a more modern look and expanded space for product information.

Bar’s Leaks Introduces Hydraulic Manual Clutch Fluid With Stop Leak

Bar’s Leaks introduced Hydraulic Manual Clutch Fluid with Stop Leak, a hydraulic manual clutch fluid formulated with a stop leak additive to seal leaks while improving performance and increasing clutch life.

Bar’s Leaks Now Offers Super Leak Fix

Bar’s Leaks’ Super Leak Fix is a multi-system formula that quickly seals, stops and prevents leaks in all engine, transmission, power steering, hydraulic and gear systems, said the company.

Bar’s Leaks Announces Winner Of ‘Keep My Ride Alive’ $10,000 Sweepstakes

Illinois man wins big after sharing how Bar’s products kept his 1983 Mercury Lynx going.

Bar’s Leaks, Rislone And Hy-per Lube To Launch New Products, Updated Packaging At AAPEX 2018

Bar’s Leaks will introduce four chemical stop leak products at AAPEX 2018.