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How Has The Pandemic Affected Customer Service? (Podcast)

Profits are up and business is booming – it’s all great news, right? Well, on the one hand yes, it’s likely you’re busier than ever – on the other, are you able to keep up? The pandemic has changed many aspects of the automotive aftermarket, from vehicle availability to parts sourcing. One thing that hasn’t

Understanding What Rental Car Insurance Really Means To Your Shop (Podcast)

Offering loaner vehicles is key to maximizing your shop’s revenue. However, shops often struggle with managing their fleet and understanding the pitfalls. Laura Tierney, national sales manager for ARS ShopLoaner explains that insurance has two different – and equally important connotations. Doug Kaufman, editor of ShopOwner hosts this important topic.

Limiting Your Loaner Liability With (Podcast)

Shops do a lot to maximize the customer experience, including offering loaner cars or rental cars in many circumstances. How can shop owners feel confident their cars won’t be abused by customers? Laura Tierney, from, talks with ShopOwner editor Doug Kaufman about ways to make the loaner car process less stressful for all involved.