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Laying Out Your Shop for ADAS/EV Repairs

With so many vehicles equipped with some form of ADAS, rethinking your electronics layout or plan might be in order.

ChatGPT: Coming to a Mercedes Near You

The automaker is adding ChatGPT to the “Hey Mercedes” MBUX voice assistant.

ADAS Calibration – Myths and Operation

Many don’t understand what happens during an ADAS calibration. Here’s what really goes on.

ADAS: Here To Stay But Changing

ADAS brings challenges and opportunities – commit to the required procedures.

ZF Launches Next-Generation ADAS Cameras

ZF has launched its S-Cam4.8 with enhanced vision technology from Mobileye on the new Nissan Rogue in the U.S.

Autel US Expands ADAS Calibration Coverage

Three new packages expand the vehicle and device coverage of ADAS calibration frame systems.

ADAS And Brake Pads

ADAS can adapt, but if a replacement part falls outside the performance parameters it can cause problems.

SEMA, Partners Demo Breakthrough ADAS Compliance Testing

Sensor calibration and testing of advanced safety performance technologies ensures vehicles are customized with confidence.

Subaru EyeSight Calibration: Is A Plumb Bob An OE Tool?

All ADAS calibration procedures should start with the same steps no matter the make or the tools used for calibration.

Future Fantasy Isn’t As Exciting As Today’s Technology

Our industry knows the future of automotive repair is here, and theoretical ‘what-ifs’ are being overshadowed by ‘what-now?’

Understanding Subaru’s EyeSight System

EyeSight uses cameras mounted inside the car on the upper edge of the windshield.

ADAS Alignment Procedures: Syncing The Sensors & The Alignment Specs

Many import nameplate manufacturers started to offer Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) options as early as 2005. These systems include automatic braking, lane keep assist, collision avoidance, adaptive cruise control and other systems that can intervene or help the driver when potential dangers are detected when the vehicle is being driven.