ASE C1 Test Prep - Suggesting Service, Managing Maintenance

ASE C1 Test Prep – Suggesting Service, Managing Maintenance

Your customers may not realize what service their vehicle needs. This video is presented by The Group Training Academy.

Welcome back to our ASE C1 test preparation video series. We have been talking previously about communicating with the customer and the aspects of handling the knowledge transfer with them. Today we are looking further into the write-up process that has to do with service intervals and maintenance recommendations.

In previous sessions we focused on communications and selling yourself and your place of business. In this segment we will venture off into the real world of selling. Selling repair work is need-based. The customer has brought you a vehicle that he or she believes there is something wrong with – a squeak, rattle, noise or because a feature of the vehicle is not operating. Selling service can be a bit trickier.

Unless you have your customers trained right, they probably don’t know that they need service. Most customers unless previously trained about service just take it for granted. Let’s face it, the maintenance section of the owner’s manual is rarely ever looked at.

We will break these types of selling into 3 categories. Factory schedule, your custom service intervals, and service bundle selling.

Let’s discuss factory schedules first. Every vehicle owner’s manual has one. Sometimes they are even a separate booklet. Selling intervals based on this is  probably the easiest sell of the three different types. They are invested in that manufacturer and why wouldn’t they want to maintain their vehicle to their standards? Be prepared to explain why this maintenance is important and what can happen if not done.

If you have a custom schedule of service it is important to have some sort of point of purchase materials that explain the revised schedule. Be ready to discuss why these intervals are better than the OE ones and why they need to be done. If yours is dramatically different that the original, be well prepared. The reasons should be based on environment, driving conditions or severe service.

The third type is bundle selling. These are usually used to promote a larger sale for you but offers the customer some added benefits for purchasing multiple services together. Be ready to back up what the better value is and why they need the service now.

The important feature of all this is to provide your customers vehicle with the care it requires for their intended use. Vehicles are very expensive today and the average age of the fleet is rising dramatically. This means more service opportunities. Being prepared will help you take advantage of this selling opportunity and help your customers.

This video is sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

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