Should Your Shop Carry a More Advanced Cabin Air Filter?
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Should Your Shop Carry a More Advanced Cabin Air Filter?

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When drivers are on the road, they are being exposed to pollutants and allergens in the air. On
average, people spend over 300 hours in their car every year. It’s no wonder that the cabin air filter category is the fastest-growing segment of the automotive filtration industry. With drivers increasing their willingness to invest in a vehicle’s cabin air quality, having an array of filters available is important to meet all of your customers’ unique needs.

Cabin air filters will help protect drivers and passengers by acting as a barrier between the vehicle and the outside world. The average cabin air filter will block dirt, debris, exhaust gases, pollutants and pollen from getting inside the vehicle, keeping air fresh and clean and passengers protected. Regularly changing the cabin air filter will also improve vehicle function by promoting better airflow, aiding in proper HVAC performance and preventing windshield fogging.

So, what sets advanced cabin air filters apart?
Advanced cabin air filters are ideal for drivers who are concerned with safety and luxury. These filters will improve their driving experience by keeping their vehicle’s air exceptionally clean and helping it run at peak performance. Advanced cabin air filters take filtration to the next level with an extra layer of carbon activated protection. This technology removes 95% of soot, dust, dirt and other particulate matter. It also traps up to 90% of gases, preventing noxious toxins such as toluene, nitrogen oxide, ozone, sulphur dioxide and unpleasant odors from entering the vehicle through the ventilation system. Higher-quality cabin air filters will also last much longer than average filters, providing drivers with up to one year or 12,000 miles of protection.

How do you get the right filters in stock?
Partnering with a filtration expert is the key to providing a variety of filters to not only meet your customers’ individual needs and preferences but to ensure you’re providing quality products. The filters you stock should be up to international OE production and testing standards.

Globally recognized brand MANN-FILTER provides cabin air filters available in 422 different configurations to fit almost every European nameplate on the road. With over 70 years of experience and OE competence, you can trust MANN-FILTER products. Plus, MANN-FILTER makes it easy for you to manage a filter program for your shop. By stocking just 30 top cabin air filter part numbers, your shop will enjoy 99% VIO coverage so you’ll have the right filter on hand when you need it most.

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