S.O.S. Podcast - Don't Be Intimidated By Digital Inspections
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S.O.S. Podcast – Don’t Be Intimidated By Digital Inspections

DVIs provide a “team mentality” to your techs and customers. This podcast is sponsored by Shop Boss.

Digital vehicle inspections (DVI) let a customer “look over your shoulder” as you inspect and repair their vehicle. They are proven to be helpful to the sales process – so why are some shops very successful with the procedure and others struggle to implement this simple shop tool?


In this podcast series, Shop Owner Solutions, Doug Kaufman, editor of ShopOwner and Vic Tarasik from Shop Owner Coach discuss some of the nightmares shop owners face with leading shop owners from across the country. Shop Owner Solutions is intended to help you avoid the 3 am panic – together, Vic and Doug will explore the things that cause you the most stress, put your anxiety into high gear and keep you from feeling like you’re achieving the success you deserve.

A picture is worth a thousand words and, in this episode, Vic and Doug discuss digital vehicle inspections with Kurt Kennedy from Kennedy Auto Solutions in Tom Ball, TX, and Chris Boshaw from Shop Boss.


This episode is sponsored by Shop Boss.

To view the entire episode, click here.

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