Red Flags On Vehicle Inspections

Red Flags On Vehicle Inspections

Inspecting these 12 things will keep your customers safe and happy.

Many owners either don’t have the time or know-how to inspect regular maintenance items on their vehicle and determine what needs to be repaired or replaced. That’s why it’s important to check routine items every time a car is in the shop. Customers who learn that you care about the big and small repairs and maintenance will trust you as experts and stick with you for life. Inspecting these 12 things will keep your customers safe and happy.

Check The Coolant For Contamination And Leakage

Pull off the radiator cap and look for an oil sheen on top of the coolant. This would indicate a leaking head gasket. If it’s been leaking for a while, you might see a brown sludge. If you see a pinkish tint or foam, the transmission fluid might be leaking into the coolant.

Check The Oil Fill Cap

Look at the underside of the cap for a brown sludge, which would indicate a bad head gasket.

Check The Dipstick

Many car owners never check the oil level. If the oil level is too high, a bad head gasket might be letting coolant leak into the oil. Any sludge on the dipstick might also mean a bad head gasket.

Check The Trans Fluid

Transmission fluid should be pinkish, even on higher mileage cars. If there is any foam, or the level is too high, suspect coolant contamination.

Torn CV Boots

Obviously, a torn CV boot will eventually cause the CV joint to fail.

Wheel Bearings

If you’ve got the car on a lift, check each wheel for wheel bearing issues.

Worn Brake Pads

When the brake pads are down to 1/8 to 3/16 of an inch, they need to be replaced. Customers put off replacing pads because they don’t realize that they can destroy their rotors if they wait too long.

Worn Tires

You should still look for uneven wear, which might indicate an alignment problem. Cupping may indicate worn ball joints.

Water Pump Weep Hole

Any coolant leakage from the weep hole means that the water pump doesn’t have long to live.

Serpentine Belt

Check for slack tension and unusual wear.

Burnt Out Brake Lights Or Turn Signal Lights

It’s easy for a car owner to overlook burnt out brake lights or turn signal lights on the back of their car. And, since it is critical to their safety, most car owners will appreciate that you checked.

Dirty Air Filter

If the air filter on a customer’s car is so dirty that you can’t see any light shine through it, they are probably way behind on other routine maintenance items.

Courtesy of GMB North America.

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