Penray Offers Comprehensive Maintenance Services

Penray Offers Comprehensive Maintenance Services

The Penray Performance brand sets the pace in service products, oil and fuel additives, cooling system treatments, cleaning products and specialty products that maximize performance and help extend vehicle life.

Penray is a global corporation that specializes in the automotive chemical and heavy-duty industries. The company’s performance products line is marketed under the Penray brand, and is engineered for use by professional maintenance and repair technicians.

The Penray Performance brand sets the pace in service products, oil and fuel additives, cooling system treatments, cleaning products and specialty products that maximize performance and help extend vehicle life. These proven formulations come from some of the automotive chemical industry’s greatest research and development resources.

The company now offers the Penray brand 2-Step and 3-Step Professional Preventative Maintenance Kits, which are specially designed to provide complete vehicle care solutions to tackle the toughest of automotive needs. The kits keep cars running at peak performance by increasing power, cleaning the entire oil system, reducing friction and wear, eliminating hesitation, and safely cleaning all components while conditioning and sealing.

Penray’s 2-Step Engine Re-Charge Kit contains 7512 Motor Flush and 3112 Motor Aid Concentrated Oil Treatment. The kit is formulated to clean the complete oil system, including freeing sticky valves and rings, while reducing engine heat and wear.

The Penray 2-Step Fuel Injection and Induction Clean-Up Kit increases power, eliminates hesitation, provides total fuel system clean-up and lowers exhaust emissions.

Penray’s 3-Step Fuel Injection and Induction Clean-Up Kit increases power, lowers exhaust emissions, provides total fuel system clean-up, conditions the oil delivery system, eliminates hesitation and cleans the fuel injectors.

The Penray 3-Step Fuel Injection and Air Intake Clean-Up Kit cleans carbon deposits on valves and combustion chambers, ends rough idling, reduces emissions, lubricates the air intake system and the injectors, adds special corrosion protection, and removes deposits that cause poor fuel mileage, engine knocks, missing, stalling, hesitation, surging and hard starting. It also cleans the injectors and areas that other products can’t reach.

Penray’s 2-Step Transmission Tune-Up Kit extends the emission life, safely removes dirt and varnish build-up, restores performance, frees sticky valves, reduces friction and wear, cleans and conditions seals and O-rings, and restores smooth shifting.

Penray’s 3-Step Power Steering Fluid Tune-Up Kit meets the performance requirements of GM, Ford, Chrysler and most foreign auto manufacturers. It is designed to improve performance, reduce heat and friction, remove old fluid, reduce power steering fluid pump noise, and clean and protect the power steering system. The Penray 2-Step Cooling System Re-Charge Kit prevents coolant failure, which is the number-one cause of highway breakdowns. It also safely cleans the entire cooling system, and mixes with coolants, including long life, eliminates over-heating and scale build-up, inhibits rust and scale, and helps prolong the life of the cooling system components.

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