MINI Tech Tip: Multiple Components Losing Power

MINI Tech Tip: Multiple Components Losing Power

Customer says their MINI loses power between 30-40 mph for a couple of seconds. It also seems like other things "power down." The A/C blower drops down, and once the engine picks back up, the CEL flashes once.


2007 MINI Cooper, BASE 1.6


Loses power between 30-40 mph for a couple of seconds. Also, seems like other things “power down.” A/C blower drops down, and once the engine picks back up, the CEL flashes once.

Diagnostic Steps Performed/Parts Replaced:

Replaced alternator after it had failed a ripple test. Several codes set, and unable to find information on these codes to reset them.


Common connections for systems covered by the codes led to discovery of corrosion in the grounds near the passenger-side fuse block and chassis grounds.


Cleaned and treated all grounds and connections to that fuse block and cleared all codes. All symptoms disappeared.

Courtesy of Mitchell 1 SureTrack Real Fix

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