Mercedes Oil Leak Between the A/T and Transfer Case
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Mercedes-Benz Oil Leaks

A leak at the automatic transmission/transfer case flange can be remedied by using a black sealant to seal the entire seam area.


Transmission fluid sweating

Model: 2009 Mercedes-Benz C 300 4MATIC

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Symptom: Oil leakage at the seam between the automatic transmission and the transfer case. Leakage can occur around the entire seam.

Cause: Leakage at the automatic transmission/transfer case flange.

Service Procedure: Seal with black sealant only if there is definite droplet formation in the vicinity of the seam or in the vicinity of the propeller shaft to the front axle transmission.

If the problem is a “sweating” leak, sealing must not be carried out, as this is a normal phenomenon inherent in the design of oil-filled systems.

Disassemble the transfer case housing and seal it using black sealant.

Transmission fluid leaking

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