Mercedes-Benz: Noise in Front of Vehicle/Dash Area

Mercedes-Benz: Noise in Front of Vehicle/Dash Area

Mercedes-Benz Fig 1 Affected Models:
Model 203.052/054/092/056/087
Model 209.356/365/372/375/376/377/456/ 465/472/475/476/477

If you receive customer reports of noise from the center of the dash area in the above-listed vehicles, this may be caused by a portion of the ME wiring harness contacting the plastic guide on the partition wall or the harness not being properly positioned in the harness retainer clip (see Fig. 1 on page 57). Perform the below procedure to resolve the issue.


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1. Remove the air filter housing. Refer to WIS document AR09.10­P­1150QB.

2. Remove the cowl drain tube on the driver’s side (see Fig. 2, arrow, on page 57), unclip the plastic cover clips (see Fig. 2, circle) and partially remove the harness from the plastic guide.

3. Wrap the ME wiring harness with felt tape (A001 983 23 10) where it fits into the plastic guide on the partition wall (see Fig. 3 on page 57).

4. Wrap the end of the felt tape on the harness near the clip location with fabric tape (see Fig. 3).

5. Insert a 10mm x 10mm square piece of felt tape between the partition wall cover and all of the screw clips (see Fig. 1, circles, two shown).

6. Check the ME wiring harness at the clip location (see Fig. 3), and reposition the harness to fit properly into the retainer clip.

7. Apply special sliding compound (A000 989 36 60) to the felt tape in the area where the ­harness is in contact with the plastic guide.

8. Reassemble in reverse order.

Courtesy of MotoLOGIC® Repair & Diagnostics.

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