Exotic Owners - Spending Money, Demanding Quality

Exotic Owners – Spending Money, Demanding Quality

The ‘80s were known for conspicuous consumption and flaunting of wealth.

“If you treat him well, the exotic car owner is going to be your best customer,” said contributor Jay Koblenz in our December 1984 issue. “After all, he like cars and has the money to indulge in his desire. If you’ve got the right kind of shop, he’s going to enjoy spending time there and will bring his wallet and make sure YOU like having him around.”

Whether it was the AMG Mercedes on the cover or the Maserati on the inside pages of the article, the assumption was that drivers of certain cars expected a certain level of service and attention – and were willing to pay for it.

“This customer doesn’t just want to have a business relationship, he wants to be your friend. He’s not goitn to trust just anyone with his toy.”

The ‘80s were known for conspicuous consumption and flaunting of wealth, from the desginer jeans customers wore to the high end cars they drove.

But one interview subject made a point that bears repeating. “We don’t get into a situation where we talk about price with customers. He doesn’t come in price shopping. He wants to know ‘what is the quality? Is it the Porsche standard?’”

Quality never goes out of style, no matter the level your customer is driving at. “Quality means design, ease of installation, longevity and the type of materials that go into a part. The pricing just flows from there.”

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