Driving Duo Puts FuelStretch Driving Tips to the Test, Filling Up Only Only 15 Times During First 45 Days of Guinness World Record Lowest Fuel Consumption Attempt

Driving Duo Puts FuelStretch Driving Tips to the Test, Filling Up Only Only 15 Times During First 45 Days of Guinness World Record Lowest Fuel Consumption Attempt

Drivers looking to get the most out of every gasoline purchase can get helpful hints from Shell "FuelStretch," a new program being offered at Shell stations nationwide. Designed to help drivers save money and get the most out of their car choice, FuelStretch offers motorists money-saving driving tips.

Drivers looking to get the most out of every gasoline purchase can get helpful hints from Shell "FuelStretch," a new program being offered at Shell stations nationwide. Designed to help drivers save money and get the most out of their car choice, FuelStretch offers motorists money-saving driving tips, a credit card that helps drivers earn gasoline rebates on every purchase they make, and innovative fuels that are specially formulated to help keep engines clean.

To show consumers just how effective the FuelStretch principles can be at stretching every fill-up, a husband and wife driving team are putting the vehicle maintenance and driving tips to the test as they travel around the world to set a Guinness World Record for Fuel Efficiency. John and Helen Taylor have traveled through 14 European countries, five Asian countries and Australia thus far and have successfully logged approximately 12,300 miles on only 15 tanks of gasoline. As the Taylors end their Australian leg, they are averaging approximately 56 miles per gallon.

"Shell wants to help drivers make the most out of every purchase, which is why we recommend they incorporate FuelStretch driving techniques into their daily routine," said Dan Little, Shell U.S. fuels marketing manager. "We hope the Taylor’s upcoming visit to the U.S. demonstrates that whether you’re attempting to set a Guinness World Record or just running errands around town, incorporating Shell FuelStretch principles is a simple way to be more fuel efficient."

Shell FuelStretch: Tips and Tools for Every Driver
By employing the following money-saving fuel tips found within the Shell FuelStretch program, the average driver may be able to see a difference in their gasoline consumption.

1. Drive smoothly, avoiding heavy acceleration or braking. Speeding, rapid acceleration, and braking can lower your gasoline mileage by 5 percent at lower speeds around town, and by 33 percent at higher highway speeds.
2. Replace dirty or clogged air filters. Replacing a dirty or clogged air filter with a clean one can improve gasoline mileage by as much as 10 percent. Your car’s air filter can protect your engine from impurities.
3. Keep your engine well tuned and repair any problems immediately. If your car has failed an emissions test or is noticeably out of tune, repairing the problem could improve your gasoline mileage by 4 percent on average.
4. Make sure your tires are at the correct pressure and not over or under inflated. Proper air pressure cuts down on fuel used while driving. Keeping tires at the correct pressure can improve your gasoline mileage by about 3.3 percent.
5. Minimize vehicle drag. Keep your trunk and back seat clear of unnecessary items that only add weight. Removing excess weight can improve your gasoline mileage.
6. Always use the recommended grade of oil in your engine. Following your manufacturer’s motor oil recommendation can improve gasoline mileage 1-2 percent. Look for motor oil that says "Energy Conserving" on the API performance symbol, to ensure it contains friction-reducing additives.
7. Use cruise control on major roads and in free-flowing traffic. Maintaining a constant speed can improve gasoline mileage.
8. Avoid idling. When you idle, you get 0 miles per gallon.
9. Avoid higher speeds. Gasoline mileage usually decreases when driving at speeds over 60 mph.
10. Plan your outings to avoid separate trips. Combine your errands into one outing to avoid short separate trips. This helps avoid unnecessary cold starts and keeps your car’s engine running warm and more efficiently.
Source: www.fueleconomy.gov.

"While these tips might sound like a lot to keep in mind, you’ll be surprised how quickly they become second nature," added Little. "What also becomes second nature is the knowledge that trips to the pump for a refill will become less frequent, which is a convenience and benefit for each and every driver on the road."

FuelStretch tips are available at Shell stations nationwide and online at www.shell.com/us/fuelstretch. The interactive website features 10 fuel-saving driving tips, a "FuelStretch Challenge" where visitors can take a test and find out their fuel efficiency rating, and "The FuelStretch Game" where virtual drivers are challenged to see how far they can go on a single tank. The site also includes information on the 5 percent rebate cardholders earn on every Shell gasoline purchase made with the Shell Platinum MasterCard from Citi Cards.

The Shell Fuel Economy World Record Challenge — FuelStretch in Action
The Shell Fuel Economy World Record Challenge is one way Shell can continue to test the FuelStretch principles and build upon its 40-year history of focusing on fuel economy technology. It is an attempt by John and Helen Taylor, a husband and wife duo hailing from Australia, to set the first around-the-world Guinness World Record for Fuel Efficiency in a standard carusing a next-generation Shell fuel technology not currently available for sale.

With more than 34 fuel-economy driving achievements between them, the Taylors are arguably the world’s most economical drivers. And after testing several commercially available fuels, they ultimately approached Shell to be the fuel provider for their first global record attempt. The Shell FuelEconomy World Record Challenge kicked off in London on Jan. 17 and will arrive in the U.S. on March 15. During this attempt, the Taylors are demonstrating daily how consumers can use driving techniques and consumption-reducing car care to be more fuel-efficient.

The Taylor’s journey, set to end in London in early April, includes driving through 25 countries and covering 18,000 miles, utilizing as little Shell fuel as possible. Throughout the journey the Taylors are practicing the principles featured in the Shell FuelStretch program, such as driving smoothly, avoiding heavy braking and removing excess weight in their car. As U.S. drivers await the North American leg of the Taylor’s journey, they can follow the couple online at www.fuelchallenge.com. The website will provide the route information, daily statistics, mileage records and daily blog entries.

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