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BMW ADAS Systems Lane Departure Operation and Calibration

ADAS systems have changed throughout the years.

Hyundai Stop/Start System Problems

Specific conditions with the engine, transmission and brake system all have to be met for the ISG system to function.

Diagnostic Strategies For New Technicians

In my textbook, a piston or flame front would not be mentioned until the last chapter of the book.

The Chip Shortage And The Aftermarket

Drive by any new car lot and the evidence is clear – the auto industry may be the most visible victim of chip shortages.

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Import-related topics include Audi 2.0L FSI engines, BMW ADAS calibration techniques and more!

Audi/VW 2.0L FSI and TFSI Maintenance

The Audi and VW 2.0L TFSI, TSI and FSI engines have been around for almost 15 years. In that time, Audi/VW have made endless revisions and updates to the hardware and software.