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Hybrid Maintenance: Fluid Service Considerations

Does the phrase “hybrid fluid maintenance” scare you? It shouldn’t. With more than 4 million hybrids on the road, and many of your customers considering purchasing one, servicing hybrid vehicles is in your future.

Steering It Straight In 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles

AWD vs. 4WD: In contrast to an all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicle, a four-wheel drive vehicle is typically equipped with a two-speed transfer case capable of driving in two or four-wheel drive and a Hotchkiss or “solid” rear drive axle for main propulsion. A four-wheel drive might incorporate either a solid front axle as with older Toyotas and Nissans or an independent front suspension as found in more modern configurations.

Curing Honda Misfire Codes

While Honda engines have a great reputation for reliability, as the miles accumulate and maintenance is neglected, codes P0300-P0304 can be set for misfires. But a misfire code just indicates that the crank angle sensor didn’t detect the correct change in the speed of the crankshaft. If the engine still has compression, the most likely cause of the misfire could be a fuel injector or ignition coil.

Overcoming Identity Crisis Means Equal Parts Art And Science

The automotive industry has suffered with an identity crisis for a number of years. Some of it is self-inflicted and some of it is due to public stigma which comes from a lack of understanding about what it takes to successfully move along with a large dose of commoditization in a race to the bottom.

Vehicle Inspection Impact

Inspection programs got their start in the 1930s, when fatalities on the road increased to almost epidemic levels. During this period, drivers were three times more likely to die in an accident than today.

$25 Billion Bounty Puts Hollywood Heists To Shame

The Auto Care Association and IMR Inc. report that in a recent survey, more than 100,000 American households (driving more than 170,000 vehicles) revealed they know that repairs or maintenance need to be performed on their car but have chosen to delay the work.