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Stick To The Facts: Dealer Stickers Should Be Banned

Most motorists are not aware that regular maintenance and repairs can be performed by independent shops without voiding the warranty, according to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

Finding That Spark Of Genius: Diagnosing Cranking, No-Start Failures

By the dawn of the Industrial Age, the gasoline internal combustion engine had replaced steam power as the driving force behind America’s great economic expansion. In that day, a cranking, no-start condition could easily be diagnosed by testing the available spark at the spark plug. If there was no spark, we touched a test light to the coil negative terminal to determine if the distributor contact points were switching the coil on/off. If the test light blinked, the primary circuit was switching as designed, so we replaced the coil. A pretty simple diagnosis, right?

Mercedes-Benz Tech Tip: Clunking Noises Heard During Acceleration And Throttle Lift Off

Owners of Mercedes-Benz cars with front-wheel drive and 4×4 vehicles, may complain of a single throttle lift-off clunking noise from the side shaft when first taking off (audible at the outboard end). Also, the clunk is heard once when changing from forward to reverse.

BMW Tech Tip: Malfunctioning Steering Wheel Buttons

The customer may report a sporadic or continuous malfunction of the multifunction steering wheel buttons, and a message saying “Cruise control without function.”

Understanding Hyundai TPMS

Hyundai started using TPMS in 2006 on the Hyundai Accent, Tucson and Veracruz. The carmaker equipped its other vehicles with TPMS starting in 2007. Hyundai has used several different suppliers for its TPMS systems, including Continental, Lear, Siemens and TRW. While each of these systems operate similarly, they do have slight variations. Make sure to check vehicle information and TSBs for specific variations.

2011-2018 Volkswagen Touareg Alignment Specs

The second-generation VW Touareg hit the roads in 2011 and just finished its production run this year. Aligning the second-generation Touareg is very similar to the previous generation. Previous-generation Touareg models had uneven and rapid tire wear problems. The second generation is not known for this issue.

Direct Injection Engine Problems

Gasoline Direct Injection engines go by many names including GDI, DI, FSI and more. Car manufacturers have introduced this engine technology in response to federal emissions and fuel mileage requirements. While these engines offer a lot of upsides as far as fuel economy, horsepower, lower displacement and fewer tailpipe emissions, they also have some downsides.

Would You Install That Brake Pad On Your Car?

Today, we are in a fight against replacement brake pads that put profit ahead of safety. The brake repair market is starting to become dominated by a “good enough” mentality. Good enough to some is just being able to stop in a “reasonable” distance at normal driving speeds, and last for 10,000 miles. But, when tasked to perform an emergency stop or a series of hard stops, the vehicle can become unsafe with longer stops and a low pedal when inferior brake pads are used.

Toyota/Lexus U151F Transmission Diagnostics

While the Toyota U151F transmission is found in a lot of Toyota and Lexus vehicles like the RX300 and RX350, it doesn’t have the greatest reputation among technicians and owners. Chances are you will not be rebuilding the transmission, but rather you will be listening to your customer’s complaint and diagnosing it. Knowing where to start is the most challenging part of the job.

Wheel Bearing Add-Ons

Wheel bearing service, no matter the bearing design, can be a difficult job. There are new products and add-ons to the ticket that can give the customer a completely repaired vehicle.

Can You Save A Life With A VIN?

Your shop may have the opportunity to save a life every day – it could happen in the alignment bay, quick lube lane and even the front office. It is an opportunity to tell your customers you care about their safety. So, what is this opportunity? Checking to see if their vehicle is involved in the Takata airbag recall.

The Ins And Outs Of The SAE J2534 Vehicle Communication Interface

The ultimate goal of J2534 for 2018 model year and, in some cases, much earlier vehicles is for shops to be able to run OEM and aftermarket scan tool software and programming applications to include vehicle security over a common standardized Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI).