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Why Springs Matter: More Than A Coil Of Steel, Springs Are The Foundation Of Stability

When a wheel reacts to a bump or body motion, the spring is compressed and then releases the energy. During each compression cycle, a little bit of life is taken out of the spring’s steel. It’s not the amount of travel that matters, but the frequency of the cycles.

Head Gasket FAQs

Replacing a head gasket is a significant investment for the customer. It also represents significant risk for a shop if the replacement gasket fails. To do the job right, you have to ask why the gasket failed in the first place and what it will take to prevent it from happening again.

Top TPMS Tips

If you are having problems with a relearn procedure or the TPMS light won’t go out after a test drive, look to see if the check engine light is on or if there are any codes related to the modules that communicate with the TPMS.

Race To The Bottom: Why Charging More For Brake Jobs Keeps Customers Coming Back

Why is everyone chasing the cheapest brake service? It often seems that new-car dealers, chains and some independent shops are locked in a race to the bottom when it comes to brake service.

Variable Valve Timing Diagnostics: 2009 Murano Case Study

It was a scenario to which we can all relate. A long-time customer passed away and his vehicle was being gifted to his granddaughter. The 2009 Murano was dropped off by the grandmother, who asked us to give the car a really good look over since she didn’t want the granddaughter to have any problems or expenses with the gift.

Learning On The Job: How Artificial Intelligence Is Teaching Vehicles How To Drive

Artificial intelligence, or machine learning, is one of the hottest topics in the tech industry right now, and it is certainly spilling over into the automotive world.

How Accurate Are Reviews? Our Industry Is Under The Microscope

According to some surveys I’ve seen, over 80 percent of the buying public relies on reviews as a way to determine if a product or service is a worthwhile investment. The problem is that it can be difficult to tell when those reviews are a true depiction of the business or product and when they’re being skewed by a person’s attitude and biases.

Computer-Controlled, ‘Smart’ Charging System Strategies: Why Volts Are Smart, But Amps Are Smarter

When diagnosing a charging system on any modern import, think “smart.” I learned this lesson several decades ago when repairing a cranking, no-start condition on a 1989 Honda Civic, which was equipped with one of the first “smart” charging systems. After verifying fuse continuity, I discovered that excessively high charging voltage had destroyed the Honda’s Engine Control Module (ECM).

OEMs Take Us One Step Closer To Autonomous Driving

While some OEMs’ autonomous vehicle technology is still under development, others are on the fast track to bringing customers one step closer to fully autonomous driving.