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VW Service Opportunities And Repair Tips

VWs suffer various ailments as they age. We’ve tried to identify some pattern failures that may afflict certain models and engines more than others for this article. It’s important to note that some of these problems can be prevented by following VW’s service recommendations and using fluids, filters and replacement parts that meet VW specifications.

Brake Caliper Service

Brake calipers are a key component in a disc brake system. The calipers use hydraulic muscle to squeeze the brake pads against the rotors. The clamping force creates friction between the pads and rotor that slows the vehicle and brings it to a halt. If a caliper is leaking or sticking, however, it may not apply the brakes properly.

VIDEO: How Your Business Can Recover From A Negative Online Reputation

Thanks to the pervasive nature of social media and online ratings, even a dedicated business can find itself defending against negative online feedback. Adam Redling discusses the top three ways to battle a bad online reputation.

Subaru Tech Tip: Oil Temperature Lamp Flashing, Multiple DTCs

If you encounter a vehicle that has the oil temperature warning lamp flashing with P0751, P0756, P0761, P0766, P0771, P1840, P1841, P1842, P1843 or P1844 stored in memory and possibly an intermittent stalling condition, it may be the result of contamination in the valve body.

How To Choose The Right Motor Oil

Common sense tells us that, for each individual engine model, the best performing oil would be the one that has been specifically optimized and tested for that particular engine. This would drive product segregation with numerous — often self-conflicting ­— OEM requirements.

Mercedes-Benz Tech Tip: Convertible Top Inoperative

Found the convertible top hydraulic pump motor was running, but the top did not move. Connected a scan tool to check for codes and found no codes were displayed. Attempted to lower the top with a scan tool – got the same results.

Hybrid Service Training

With more than 4-million hybrid vehicles sold through April 2016, service opportunities exist if you welcome them and are prepared with training, education and resources. The hybrid vehicle owner is a sophisticated customer, and servicing these cars can help bring additional revenue into your service bays – plus you can benefit from repair opportunities afforded by the other cars in your customers’ driveways.

MINI Tech Tip: Multiple Components Losing Power

Customer says their MINI loses power between 30-40 mph for a couple of seconds. It also seems like other things “power down.” The A/C blower drops down, and once the engine picks back up, the CEL flashes once.

Kia Tech Tip: Grinding Noise When Applying Brakes

Some vehicles may experience a squeaking or grinding noise originating from the front or rear disc brakes when the brake is applied. The concern may be related to the brake pads sticking and not moving freely in the slides due to lack of lubrication and/or corrosion.

Wheel Bearing Diagnosis

A sealed hub assembly or bearing cartridge typically contains two sets of bearings: an inner set and an outer set. They may be ball bearings or tapered roller bearings. Tapered bearings have cylindrical rollers between the inner and outer race.

What DOT Really Means: Brake Hose Inspection And Replacement

Brake hoses are the most government-regulated components on a vehicle. Anyone making brake assemblies must be registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT). All aftermarket hose, fittings and complete hoses must conform to FMVSS 106 and SAE J1401. These tests are demanding and often exceed what a vehicle will see in the real world.

P1361, P1366 Codes For 2000 Honda Odyssey

Performed a visual inspection of the engine compartment and found traces of washer fluid on both of the top dead center sensor harness connectors. Traced the washer fluid leak and found a broken windshield washer hose. Upon further inspection, found the damaged windshield washer hose leaked washer fluid onto the top dead center sensor harness connectors.