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Air Ride Diagnostics Q&A: What You Don’t Know Might Be The Missing Piece Of The Diagnostic Puzzle

Air ride diagnostics can be just as complex as any ABS or fuel injection problem. The diagnostic process should start with questions about the system rather than the parts. Failing to find the root cause of a warning light DTC or intermittent problem will typically cause the problem to come back as soon as the

Drivetrain: Live Axle Bearing Replacement

Replacing wheel bearings on a vehicle with a live rear axle may not be one of the most frequent jobs you do, but it can be one of the most profitable. While the basics have not changed in more than 60 years, new seal materials and differential designs have added new wrinkles to the process.

Properly Dealing With New Rotors

New rotors, either OE or aftermarket, are supposed to be finished to specifications and ready to install out of the box. There should be no reason to give them a “clean up” cut. If there is one, you need to find a different rotor supplier.

Strikes, Reflashing, Plastic & Oil – What Keeps Me Up At Night

Since moving into the position of director of content for ImportCar, I have had some sleepless nights. I often find myself diving deep into service information, forums and parts websites trying to confirm small details like whether the latest Audi has a plastic drain plug for the oil pan, or if the latest calibration for an ECU will solve a catalyst efficiency problem.

Electronic Brake Pad Wear Sensors Diagnostics

Electronic brake pad wear sensors can be found on a variety of vehicles, including domestic, European and Asian cars and trucks. These give a more accurate reading on brake pad depth compared to squealer metal tabs that make noise that most drivers manage to ignore assuming it will go away over time.

No-Start Condition Dilemmas? We Share A Few Lessons Learned

Do you have a Mercedes-Benz in your bay with a no-start condition? Don’t feel alone, we’ve been there, and would like to share a few lessons we have learned over the years that can also help you expedite the diagnostic process.

Servicing TPMS Sensors With A Little Tender Loving Care

Most TPMS sensors are held in with the use of just a screw or a nut, but if they are not assembled or torqued properly, the results can be catastrophic. Carelessness can result in a broken sensor or even a customer being stranded with a flat tire.

Flash Or Pass? Don’t Leave Money On The Table

These days, nearly every car on the road has multiple on-board computers. They often need to have their software updated or be reflashed because a component has been changed or upgraded.

VW Brake Job: 2009-2014 Routan Applications

The customers who drive the Routan and the Chrysler minivan are two different customers judging by the TSBs. The Routan has five different TSBs about addressing customers who complain about brake noise, while the Chrysler minivan has zero. The two vans have almost identical brake systems and are assembled in the same plant. But don’t treat the Routan driver like a Chrysler minivan driver as far as their vehicle service needs are concerned.

The Changing World Of Telematics And How It Will Change Your Business

Telematics has created a lot of anxiety and skepticism for shops. Some of it is justified, while some is due to not seeing the opportunities it presents. Telematics is very simple when you view it as a tool to connect the customer to their vehicle and your shop.

Pinpointing Oil Consumption Issues: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Oil consumption has become an issue because oil change intervals now extend to 10,000 or more miles and because modern engines consume so little oil that many vehicle owners forget to regularly check their engine’s oil level. Worse still, many owners will often run their engines out of oil because they don’t know how to check the oil level. For that reason, oil level warning systems are becoming standard equipment for many vehicles.

Can Tires Make A Difference?

Dealerships are selling tires at really low prices to capture the automotive service work of consumers. This is compared to independent repair shops that thrive on customer relationships to contribute to the success and profitability of their businesses.