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The Engine Thermostat: Understanding Electronically Assisted Thermostats

The engine thermostat plays an important role in increasing engine combustion efficiency and reducing emissions. But today’s electrically assisted (also called “map-controlled”) thermostats provide broader and faster operation than the traditional engine thermostat.

Kia Battery Discharge At High Temperatures

Some 1998-2001 Kia Sephia 1.8L vehicles built between Oct. ’97 and May ’01, and some 1.8L Spectra vehicles built between Feb.’00 and March ’04 may experience battery discharge when operated in high ambient temperatures for extended periods.

Odor Removal Tips for Erasing Musty Odor in Evaporator

Condensation, dust and pollen inside the evaporator case can cause mold to grow and leave a musty odor when the A/C is turned on. This musty odor can occur in all vehicles, not just Hondas, and it’s worse where there’s high humidity.

Emerging Technologies Pave The Way For An Evolving Service Landscape

Technological advancements have always been a mainstay of our business because they provide the framework for evolving aftermarket service opportunities. But as developments accelerate at an even faster pace than in years past, be sure to look in your rearview mirror to see what’s closing in on you.

Import Insights: Mazda (October 2015)

Mazda6, CX-5 Earn Best-In-Segment Accolades in J.D. Power APEAL Survey Both the current-generation midsize Mazda6 sedan and compact CX-5 crossover have won praise throughout the automotive industry for their style, poise, technology and driving dynamics. The barometer for their excellence is also judged by the consumers who purchase, drive and maintain these vehicles. By that metric, Mazda6 and CX-5 have

2016 Mazda6
Audi Fuel System Diagnostics

Nine out of 10 times, a P0087/16471 “Fuel System Rail Pressure Too Low” DTC points to replacement of the high-pressure fuel pump. But there are other problems that will set the code, says Import Specialist Contributor Bob Howlett, who takes a closer look at the 2009 Audi A4 that came into his shop with this issue.

Modern Oil Changes And The Changing Functional Fluid & Filters Market

Gary Goms asks, “What ever happened to the $19.95 oil change?” The answer is that it disappeared along with the ­“dinosaur” oils of the day. Using the $19.95 oil change as an example, he explores how you can best meet the challenges of the modern ­fluids and filters market by ­looking at the costs involved.

The Connected Vehicle: Exploring The Next Frontier in Vehicle Communication

Connected vehicles have been evolving rapidly in recent years, and what’s coming next will blow you away, says Technical Editor Larry Carley. Carley discusses various safety and driver-assistance vehicle communication systems that are currently available on a number of models, either as ­standard equipment or as an ­optional technology package.