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Brake Job: 2005-2014 Nissan Frontier

In 2004, the Nissan Frontier grew in size to match the Toyota Tacoma. The brakes resemble the previous platform, but with enhancements to reduce brake drag and improve the operation of the ABS and stability control systems.

BMW Tech Tip: Windshield Washer Jets Spray Little To No Fluid

If the window washer fluid jets spray a very low volume of fluid or no fluid at all, there are three possible causes.

Infiniti Tech Tip: Cruise Control Will Not Set And DTC P0605 Is Set

Improper adjustment or operation of the ASCD brake switch can cause the Automatic Speed Control Device (ASCD) to “not set” and/or DTC P0605 (ECM) to store. If a malfunction in the ASCD system is detected, the CRUISE indicator may stay ON and the “SET” indicator may flash.

Hyundai Tech Tip: Engine Vibration Due To Misaligned Timing Marks On The Oil Pump

This bulletin provides information regarding the proper indexing of the timing marks of the Oil Pump Module during in-vehicle installation, specifically on vehicles equipped with Theta four-cylinder engines.

Diagnosing Active Motor Mounts On Asian Vehicles

Many automakers, including Toyota and Honda, have changed their lineup of engines to improve fuel economy and emissions. Gone are the high-revving 1.8L and 2.0L four-cylinder engines. Replacing them are engines with displacements ranging from 2.3L to 2.5L. These engines are more efficient and produce more power lower in the power band. But, these new engines increase the stroke and not the bore, making for some unique vibration conditions the motor mounts have to minimize.

Diagnostic Solutions: Using The ‘Systems’ Approach To Starting Problems

Good examples of systems logic occur each September when I serve as a technical advisor for a church-sponsored single mom’s car care clinic. We sometimes, for example, accidentally bump hidden cranking “disable” switches installed by suspicious ex-husbands or encounter engines with bad fuel pumps that will start only by spraying a liberal dose of starting fluid into the air intake.

Wheel Bearing Technology: Don’t Become Complacent

I know some of you think the wheel bearing replacement does not merit an article, but this attitude can cause a comeback for late-model European vehicles. Wheel bearings are changing because the vehicles they are attached to and the brake rotors located on the other side are evolving. This has changed the designs and specifications for most bearings.

Inspecting Brake Hoses With Your Hands Helps Prevent Failure

A proper brake hose inspection should include checking all hoses for cuts, cracking or swelling. Brake hoses often crack around the metal sleeve that seals the hose to the metal fitting, so be sure to pay close attention to these areas.

Land Rover Air Ride Diagnostics

The air ride suspension on Land Rover Range Rover and Discovery models is what helps set these vehicles apart from a normal SUV. The system lifts the suspension up over obstacles, and lowers the suspension to make it easier for the occupants to get in and out. But with functionality, comes complexity.

TPMS Intel On VW Applications

Volkswagen tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are some of the easiest to reset and relearn. VW used both indirect and direct systems during the past decade. In most cases, both systems use a similar relearn procedure.

Elevating Technicians’ Image Takes A Village

In this new age of vehicle electrification, alternative mobility, autonomous driving and connected vehicles, the need for skilled, expert technicians couldn’t be greater, says Mary DellaValle, editor of ImportCar magazine.