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From The Forums: Telling Is Selling – Shocks and Struts

What happens when a driver who declines recommended replacement for shocks or struts does not ask any questions? He goes online and starts asking questions.

From the Forums
Coolant Condition: More Than Just A Wallet Flush

Overheating is a rare occurrence, as coolant can last more than 100,000 miles. But over time, it can lose its ability to protect the engine against damage.

Checking the radiator antifreeze
Selling Batteries: Use Cell Phone Battery Life As A Sales Tool

When 10% power is reached, some phones go into a battery saving mode. You have a similar tool in your arsenal for car batteries: conductance testing.

Low Battery Cell Phone
Bad Engine Mounts: More Than Just a Bad Ride

Because they are so critical to the vehicle’s handling and performance, hydraulic engine mounts should be carefully inspected to make sure they are working properly.

3A Automotive, Phoenix, AZ: Revisiting A Maintenance Chronicle

We profiled 3A Automotive Service in our March issue of Maintenance Matters. The shop discovered there were some black holes in its approach to maintenance.

3A Automotive (outside)
Nissan Diagnosis Of Poor Acceleration Or Lack Of Power

Customer describes lack of power or poor acceleration on Nissan vehicles with an electric throttle chamber. Perform the following checks before attempting any repair.

Winter Visibility Tune-Up

Winter visibility is especially critical, no matter if you are in California or Alaska. Make sure your customers are prepared as the weather shifts.

Rainy windshield
Honda Engine Shuts Off, But Power Mode Stays in ‘On’ or ‘Accessory’

With Honda models with one-push start, when your customer shifts into Park and shuts off the engine, does the power mode stay in ‘ON’ or ‘ACCESSORY?’

Industry Under The Microscope: Transparency Brings Opportunities To The Aftermarket

In the aftermarket, there are new challenges to mend customer confidence and a need for a greater focus on restoring customer trust.

Import Insights: BMW (November 2015)

BMW Is Multiple Winner in The J.D. Power Quality Study Premium quality, reliability and ergonomics: these three attributes have earned BMW top rankings in the prestigious Initial Quality Study by market researchers at J.D. Power and Associates. It is the first time BMW has topped three segments, namely with the BMW 2 Series, the BMW

BMW 435i Coupé Sport
Top 10 Mercedes-Benz Repair Tips

With new vehicle sales topping 17.3 million units, and import nameplate VIO also on the rise, you’ll be seeing more imports in your shop that are in need of repair. And, with the increasing complexity and interconnectivity of vehicle systems, diagnostic expertise becomes all the more important. With that said, we bring you this collection of Mercedes-Benz repair tips to aid your service efforts.