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Toyota Prius Battery Codes P0A7F, P2011 and P0A80

A second generation Toyota Prius is at least 12 years old and batteries may need to be replaced. Here’s what the codes mean.

Brake Pad Diagnostics

Worn brake pads can tell you a lot about the entire brake system and keep new components from suffering the same fate.

DIYers And The Covid Stimulus

Just about every DIYer who calls me would be better off going to a shop instead of doing it on their own.

The Song Of The Road Is Unique To All Ears

Everyone’s personal playlist is different – here’s one 8-track worthy collection of car songs.

VW Touareg Air Suspension Repair

Drivers can adjust the Touareg’s suspension for comfort, stability and off-road capabilities. What could possibly go wrong.

Read Our May Digital Edition Magazine Now

Included are articles on Volkswagen air ride systems, how a Prius battery works and Hyundai/Kia Theta engines – and more.

Solving Hyundai Theta Engine Problems

Knowing the basics of turbocharged systems can serve you well in solving problems with turbo-equipped Hyundais.