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Volkswagen VR6 Head Gasket Replacement

The Volkswagen VR6 engine, introduced in 1994, has a narrow “V” configuration that allows six cylinders to be mounted in the same area as a four-cylinder engine. While head gasket failure is not a common occurrence, it does occur on engines where the cooling system has been neglected due to a lack of regular maintenance. With that said, here are seven tips to make a head gasket job a little easier.

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Preventive Cooling System Service: Keeping P0128 Codes Away

Of the engine’s two vital fluid systems, lubrication and cooling, the cooling system might need more routine maintenance. If we don’t inspect and service the cooling system as required, the system might fail well before the next extended interval oil change is due. With that said, let’s explore a few ways to inspect cooling systems on extended maintenance interval vehicles.

Diagnosing V8 Engine Oil Leaks

You already know that there are plenty of BMWs with V8 engines on the road today, but you might be surprised that they can have issues with oil leaks. Inevitably, some of these will find their way to your shop in need of service, so here are some common items to be aware of when they arrive at your shop for repairs.

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Automatic Transmission Fluid Varieties

Why are there so many types of automatic transmission fluid? You might ask yourself this question when you are tasked with ordering a few quarts for an Asian or European vehicle that rolls into your shop.

Volkswagen Tech Tip: DTC P0145 Software Update

DTC P0145 (Oxygen Sensor Circuit Bank 1-Sensor 3 Slow Response) is stored in the ECM. No other fault codes are present. The monitoring strategy that occurs between the rich-lean phases is too slow.

Cooling System Preventive Maintenance Service

Given the current range of extended maintenance intervals, it’s safe to say that your shop might see Grandma’s 2011 Volkswagen Jetta only when its oil life monitor indicates the need for an oil change.

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Learning Curve Increases As Vehicle Technology Emerges

If you think the learning curve for your customers regarding technology like GDI, CAN, ABS, EPS, TPMS and VVT was steep, wait until you try to explain the benefits of autonomous vehicle technology, one of which is collision mitigation.

Learning Curve
INFINITI Tech Tip: DTC P0101 Stored Due To Dirty Throttle Valve

The check engine light is on with DTC P0101 (Mass Airflow Sensor Circuit-B1). No other driveability issues are present.

infiniti dirty throttle valve