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Carl Edwards Earns First Bosch Aftermarket NA Contribution For Speedway Children’s Charities

Carl Edwards raced his Bosch-equipped No. 19 Subway Toyota to victory in Sunday’s Coca-Cola 600 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series  Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. In recognition of the victory, Bosch Aftermarket NA is making a $1,000 contribution to Joe Gibbs’ Speedway Children’s Charities. Thus far in the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season, Bosch-supported teams

Tips For Spark Plug Removal

Removal or installation of spark plugs on modern vehicles requires extreme precision and care. Before removing a spark plug, check to see if it’s still working properly and whether the engine itself is in good working condition — since both go hand in hand. Spark plugs that have excess carbon ­deposits or are oil-fouled could

Oil Service for Today’s Vehicles

You have most likely been made aware over the last few years that you need to be diligent in which oil you choose when servicing today’s modern vehicles. Hopefully your team is trained to look up the proper OEM specification for engine oil and can effectively find and verify that specification on the oil bottle

Import Insights: Jaguar XF

The all-new Jaguar XF made a splash with several debut appearances, including its global motor show debut in New York.

Jaguar XF
The Changing Maintenance Market: New Technologies Mean More Opportunities

Most of us wake up each morning, not ­realizing that our professional world has changed even as we slept. Our first job of the day is to service a ­vehicle equipped with an oil life monitor. Not only do we discover that modern oil life monitors can indeed accurately predict oil life, we also discover