March 2022 Archives - Import Car
European Oil Specifications

If a manufacturer introduces a new vehicle with a new ACEA sequence specification, the oil must be on shelves.

VW Key Programming

What do you do if the keyless entry remote won’t unlock the doors, or if the key won’t start the vehicle?

Are Service Advisors Facing Unfair Customer Service Hurdles?

Is your advertising and marketing bringing you a lot of customers or the RIGHT customers? There’s a difference.

Is there a used and new car bubble?

The main driver of prices has been the computer chip shortage.

Mercedes-Benz Hydraulic Suspension Evolution

When writing an estimate for an air ride repair, make sure you give the customer these options.

Nostalgia Can Reignite Automotive Enthusiasm

Celebrate the great things that are going on and eventually you’ll be able to look back at the struggles and laugh. 

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