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Toyota Direct Injection? Port Injection? Why Not Both?

Port fuel injection and direct fuel injection systems each have their advantages and disadvantages.

Timing The BMW N53 And N54

The BMW N53 (naturally aspirated) and N54 (turbocharged) engines were among the first BMW engines to come with variable valve timing on the intake and exhaust camshafts. The N53 and N54 straight-six has unfairly earned a bad reputation for reliability with technicians due to timing chain and variable valve timing problems. The reputation comes from

Mercedes-Benz Biturbo V8 Engine

The Mercedes-Benz M176, M177 or M178 engines can be found in almost every Mercedes Benz class since 2015, from C to S, as well as many SUVs. The V8 Biturbo engine is one of the first mass-produced engines with the turbochargers nestled in the V of the engine and intake manifolds where the exhaust manifolds

Brake Pad Separation On Electric And Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid and electric vehicles use regenerative braking to capture energy to charge the batteries.

Today’s Normal Echoes Yesterday’s Innovation

There’s a lot of talk about brand new technology rocking the auto industry and we cover these topics regularly in ImportCar.

Servicing Sunroofs

Most late-model sunroof assemblies have their own controller that does a lot more than just move the window up and down.

TPMS Diagnostic And Replacement Tips

The latest TPMS tools are part diagnostic scan tool and part low-power radio wave diagnostic tools.

Regen Takes Its Place In The Brake Market

Regenerative braking is common in electric cars built by manufacturers like Nissan, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Hyundai and Tesla.

U-Joint Replacement Tips And Techniques

Installing a U-joint correctly more often than not requires special tools.

Master Cylinders Need Periodic Inspections

Dual master cylinders are configured to operate two separate braking systems.

Curing Volkswagen Brake Pulsation

Volkswagen drivers may complain of a pulsating brake pedal when applying the brakes at highway speeds.

Toyota Previa Turned Heads And Moved Seats

Its appearance certainly got reactions, but it was its mechanical design that made technicians take notice.