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Import Insights: Volkswagen Golf GTI (June 2014)

Spotlight on Seventh-Generation Golf GTI The Seventh-generation Golf GTI is bigger, lighter, faster and more fuel-efficient than the previous generation, with increases in horsepower and torque as well as an improvement in fuel economy. Engine The Golf GTI features an EA888 2.0-liter turbocharged and direct- injection TSI engine that creates 210 hp and 258 lb.-ft.

Telltale Signs Of Cooling System Component Failure

Springtime brings with it the vacation season when many families will hitch a boat or camping trailer to their fully loaded family car, SUV or pickup truck and travel to some remote wilderness hideaway. Needless to say, both the parents and their vehicle’s cooling system will be stressed out long before the trip is over.

Cooling system signs of failure
The Mathematics Of Packaging, Selling Brake Services

When we advertise a “$XX.95” brake service, we’re often stepping over the proverbial dollar to pick up the proverbial dime. Since brake repairs should be a major profit center for any shop, it pays, in the most ­literal sense, to occasionally ­review the mathematics of selling brake services. In this feature, I’ll ­explore how brake

Import Insights: Toyota (May 2014)

Corolla first to roll off Toyota Mississippi line In April, Toyota Mississippi’s first Corolla for export to customers in Central and South America and the Caribbean rolled off the assembly line. More than 7,500 Mississippi-built Corollas will be exported this year to 18 countries in Central and South America and the Caribbean. Nine Toyota models

Mercedes-Benz Auxiliary Water Pump Diagnostics

A Mercedes comes into your shop with a complaint of poor heater performance. The driver says on cold mornings the heater will blow cold during the drive to work in rush hour traffic. The car is not overheating and the air is coming from the ­correct ducts. Your first reaction might be to install a

Honda Electrical System Diagnostics

This month, we’ll be taking a look at the charging and starting system on the Honda line of vehicles. Hondas are always ­welcome at our shop, as they are good, reliable cars that fix well and for which there is good service information and parts availability. Honda charging systems won’t present many problems for the

Honda Electrical System
Import Motor Oil Specifications Explained

Oil is the lifeblood of every engine, so it’s important to ­always use a high-quality motor oil that meets the vehicle manufacturers’ viscosity recommendations and performance specifications when servicing your customers’ vehicles. Just use a name-brand motor oil that meets the recommended SAE viscosity and current American Petroleum Institute (API) quality standards and you should

Import Insights: Mercedes-Benz (April 2014)

Mercedes-Benz posts best-ever February sales month Mercedes-Benz USA reported sales of 24,971 across the Mercedes-Benz, Sprinter and smart model lines, a 3.8% increase over February 2013, making it the highest volume on record for the month. February sales for the Mercedes-Benz brand were led by the C-, E- and M-Class model lines. The sporty C-Class,

The Best of The Best: Tales From the 2014 Vision Hi-Tech Training & Expo

I try to attend the Vision Hi-Tech Training & Expo every year, take some classes, browse the Expo, and meet up with some old friends. Classes range from hybrid service, scope and scanner reading, diesel and gas engine driveability, to shop management. Some of the top ­instructors gather at this convention and put ­together some of the best classes I’ve ever attended.

BMW Fuel System Repair Essentials

The BMW N54 fuel pump recall a few years ago brought to light the importance of the integrity of the fuel system and how it can contribute to the overall reliability of a vehicle. These fuel quality issues apply to all BMW vehicles with either port or direct injection. The underlying message here is that if the cleanliness and overall integrity of the fuel tank is ignored, it will damage any fuel pump. This is why addressing the fuel tank is essential during any pump replacement to prevent costly comebacks that can also hurt your reputation.

Pinning Down Intermittent Malfunctions On OBD II Vehicles

Although post-1996 OBD II powertrain control modules (PCMs) are generally very reliable, we’re beginning to see more failures because the average age of our national vehicle fleet has now increased to about 11.5 years. Technically speaking, the PCM should store a DTC indicating some type of internal malfunction. But, in the real world, if your scan tool indicates “no communication” and asks if the ignition switch has been turned on, you obviously have a communications problem.

Performing A Brake Job On A 2007-2013 Toyota Tundra

For 2007, the Toyota Tundra was redesigned. The body changed, and the foundation brake system was also updated with larger front brake calipers and rear disc brakes. The control system and hydraulics changed with a new vehicle stability system that included yaw, steering angle and brake pedal load sensors.