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BMW i3 Service and Maintenance

The BMW i3 has reached an age where it is an opportunity for European specialists. The i3 is an electric vehicle with an optional range-extending gasoline engine. The first model year was 2014, and the last year was 2021. More than 45,000 were sold in the US. The uni-body of the i3 is made from

Volvo Engine Service

There are many combinations for the Volvo modular engine.

BMW Diagnostics: Ticking Noise Without the Brakes Applied

Customers may experience a ticking noise coming from the front wheels while cornering without the brakes applied.

The Changing Vehicle Ownership Cycle

Fewer new cars and higher used car prices mean the better option may be for drivers to keep their current vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz Oil Leaks

Mercedes makes a fine product, but certain repairs will emerge as trends over time.

Battery Charging and Diagnostics

Today, it requires more than just a multimeter to diagnose the battery and alternator.

Audi Brake Pad Wear Sensors

The critical concept to understand with these sensors is electrical resistance, noting that the highest-level is air.

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