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Engine Design: A Changing Diagnostic Approach

Modern propulsion technology requires high-speed data processing systems. For that reason, our relearning process actually began when CAN bus electronic systems were introduced by Mercedes-Benz circa 1990.

Import Insights: Subaru (June 2016)

Subaru of America, Inc. announced a comprehensive update to the 2017 Forester, including revised styling, new driver-assist technology, more interior comfort, enhanced driving performance and better fuel economy.

Lexus: Flex Lock-Up Shudder

Some 2011 model year GS 350 and 2011-’12 model year IS 350/350C vehicles may exhibit an intermittent flex lock-up shudder when lightly accelerating between 25-50 mph (40-80 km/h). Follow the procedure in this bulletin to address this condition.

Mini Cooper: False ‘Brake Service’ Due Message

The yellow “Service Due” warning message lights up in the instrument cluster, even though the brake pad thickness is more than 4.2 mm (above the thickness at which the pad sensor intervenes). The calculated remaining service life for the brake pads (front and/or rear axle) from the CBS data does not match the actual brake pad thickness.

Brake Service Case Study: Nissan Frontier

Bob Dowie looks at some of the undercar issues he has faced with Nissan vehicles over the years and discusses how to deal with some common issues you may see with them.

Dealers vs. Shops: The Battle For Service Dollars

It seems that I get about two letters a week in the mail from local dealerships that are in hot pursuit of my seven-year-old Maxima. Signed by the general manager of the dealership, each letter claims a somewhat attractive offer for my vehicle, but with a disclaimer in fine print, of course. The letter goes on to say that during a limited-time sales opportunity, the dealership could offer me a great price on a new vehicle, if I were to upgrade my ride.

Vacuum Power Assist Service

Most late-model vehicles use a vacuum booster to help apply the brakes. The booster is usually located behind the master cylinder on the firewall. A leak in the vent valve can cause a reduction in the performance of the booster and increase pedal travel. A manifold vacuum of 20 inHg or greater can be achieved during deceleration. The booster chambers can be evacuated and retained at this pressure by a properly operating check valve.

Servicing Saddle-Style Fuel Tanks

Automakers have installed saddle-style tanks on several car models for more than a decade. This style of tank uses two wells, one on either side of a driveshaft or exhaust system. This position optimizes luggage compartment capacity, fuel volume and crash safety. The behavior of the fuel wells, pumps and sending units are often misdiagnosed, leading to fuel pumps being replaced unnecessarily.

Selling TPMS Service Starts With Education

As car dealerships continue their push for a greater slice of the aftermarket repair pie, the pressure grows for independent repair facilities to expand their offerings and expertise to attract clients. And while the evolution of technology in modern vehicles has presented a number of challenges to independent shops, TPMS service is one area of repair that shops can quickly capitalize on.

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