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Internal Engine Oil Consumption Diagnostics

Due to the variables in engine design and ­operating conditions, internal engine oil ­consumption complaints are often the most difficult to solve. In some cases, oil consumption might be more severe under low-speed operation, in other cases, high-speed operation and, in some cases, intermittent. But, in any case, excessive oil consumption can drastically reduce oxygen

Engine oil diagnostics
Hyundai Fuel System, Emissions Diagnostics

Hyundai has done a good job of improving its ­offerings over the years from both an aesthetic and mechanical viewpoint. Complemented by a strong warranty and good value, the carmaker has been able to increase its market share year over year. If you aren’t seeing these cars in your bay, it’s only a matter of

Diagnostics for Hyundai Fuel Systems and Emissions
Kia: Added Grounds Can Set Codes

Additional grounds can typically benefit a vehicle’s electrical system. That is, unless the vehicle is a 2008-to-present Kia equipped with a battery sensor. If an extra ground cable is installed on the negative battery terminal, it can cause the battery sensor to send incorrect information to the engine control module (ECM), which can generate all

Kia Electrical Tech Tip