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ADAS Alignment Procedures: Syncing The Sensors & The Alignment Specs

Many import nameplate manufacturers started to offer Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) options as early as 2005. These systems include automatic braking, lane keep assist, collision avoidance, adaptive cruise control and other systems that can intervene or help the driver when potential dangers are detected when the vehicle is being driven.

Smart Tech Tip: Engaging Gear Is Occasionally Not Possible

Transmission cannot be shifted, and at least one of the following complaints applies: Check Engine Lamp lights up, ESP warning lamp lights up; there are three bars in the instrument cluster display; or the fault memory for the automated manual transmission (ASG) has stored the fault codes P2802 and P0707, and additional fault codes.

Volkswagen Tech Tip: Coolant Pump Replacement Due To Coolant Staining

Coolant staining around the coolant pump area may cause an incorrect diagnosis and unnecessary replacement of coolant pump. Upon inspection, a small coolant spot or coolant staining is acceptable around the coolant pump.

Three Simple Words: Staying In Front

Like you, I spend a lot of time thinking about industry challenges and potential disruptions. I’m also, without question, overly optimistic. The glass is always, without a doubt, half full. Industry challenges are always surfacing. Current business conditions and the economic climate, finding and hiring techs, investing in the tools to fix emerging technology on vehicles, employee training, tax season, and the list goes on and on, says Jim Merle, publisher of ImportCar magazine.

Old School Versus New: Will Your Old Diagnostic Strategies Work On New Engines?

If your primary workflow consists of pre-2008 models, terms like “Gasoline Direct Fuel Injection (GDI), Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI), Variable Compression Ratio (VCR) and Spark-Controlled Compression Ignition (SpCCI)” might sound like engine technologies lurking somewhere in the distant future. But, given that many import repair shops are just beginning to see these engines for advanced driveability diagnostics, your “distant future” might suddenly become your “here and now” when these futuristic engines show up in your service bays.

Mercedes-Benz W164: ML Series Problems And Cures

The ML series from 2006-’11 (W164) is the most common SUV from Mercedes-Benz that you’ll see at your shop. The new platform in 2006 saw a new unibody construction, new engines and a change from mechanical systems to more electro-mechanical operation of the engine and drivetrain.

Audi Brake Pad Wear Sensor Operation And Service

Almost every Audi for the past 20 years has been equipped with electronic brake pad wear sensors. Most of them mount the brake pad with a clip, but some are molded into the brake pad. These sensors change their electrical resistance as the loop of wire is worn down and eventually breaks as the brake pads wear down.

Hyundai Idle Stop And Go (ISG): Start/Stop Systems Are Here And Out Of Warranty

The Hyundai Idle Stop and Go (ISG) function is the automaker’s start/stop system that found its way onto some 2012 models. ISG automatically switches off the engine when the car is at a standstill and starts it again as soon as the brake pedal is released. A lot has to happen for the engine to utilize ISG. Specific conditions with the engine, transmission and brake system all have to be met for the ISG system to function.

Active Wheel Speed Sensor Logic

Firing the “parts cannon” at an active ABS wheel speed sensor code often results in a misdiagnosis and an unhappy customer. It may start with the wheel bearing hub unit or wheel speed sensor. If those parts do not resolve the problem, the technician may fire the parts cannon at the ABS hydraulic control module. Typically, the customer’s patience and wallet runs out before the car is fixed.

Shift In Vehicle Mix Continues To Spotlight Import Brands

The new year always brings new opportunities based on the overall economic climate, consumer confidence levels, gas prices, miles driven, average vehicle age, the profile of vehicles on the road, and the list goes on. With so many variables in the mix, I’m honing in on a few notable industry insights, and providing a few takeaways, that shed positive light on our industry, says Mary DellaValle, editor of ImportCar magazine.