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Tech Tip: Mercedes-Benz Cylinder Head Cover Leak

Field inspections of suspected cylinder head cover oil leaks have revealed that unnecessary resealing is being performed when the cylinder head cover is not the root cause of the leak. In cases of customer complaints of oil leakage, it is essential to determine the actual source. A proper remedy should be applied to avoid repeat repairs and unnecessary shop visits.

Cartridge Oil Filter Replacement: 10 Installation Tips

An oil change is probably one of the least expensive services your shop offers, but it has the possibility to result in one of the most expensive comebacks if a mistake is made. Cartridge oil filters make potential mistakes more likely because they require more knowledge and tools to properly change the oil than a

Oil filter
Precious Metal Spark Plugs: Looking at the Science

Behind every kind of technical innovation that drives the automotive world into the future is a wealth of science and engineering that makes such innovation possible. The emergence of precious metal spark plugs is no different.

Spark plug dark
Welcome to the Future: Are Your Networks Protected?

For those of you who do not know me, I will give you a quick download on my background. I have been playing with cars for 40 years. I work in my family’s business, Seyfer Automotive, Inc., founded in 1961. We diagnose, repair and maintain late-model vehicles, as well as a large number of cars

Understanding Friction And Formulations

How the components in the friction material shear, break and interact during braking can determine a pad’s friction level, noise and wear characteristics. A brake pad may require up to 20 different raw materials. Some raw components of a friction material are abrasive, while other components lubricate. Some components, like structural fibers and resins, hold the pad together, while other components tune the friction levels through various temperature ranges.

Brake pads
Volkswagen Tech Tip: Noise From Front End When Steering Wheel Is Turned

Vehicle owners may complain of a squeaking/creaking noise from the front of the vehicle while the steering wheel is fully turned. The ribs of the outer CV boot may contact one another when the steering wheel is fully turned. This has the potential to create a squeak or creak noise. The noise may be more prevalent in wet weather.

Staying Ahead of The Curve In The New Year

The new year always brings new challenges as we resolve to set and reach new goals, like working both harder and smarter to stay ahead of the competition. And, just like you and your techs have to continuously fine-tune your skills through training and continuing education, the staff at ImportCar has been working to stay

‘Wanna Be’ Technicians Are Their Own Worst Enemy

There’s one situation all professional automotive technicians have had to deal with from time to time, and it involves the home-grown garage guy who just so happens to own a couple of ratchets, a repair manual and a broken-down car. Some of these connoisseurs of the all-knowing repair manual skim through sections without truly comprehending them.

Import Insights: Kia (January 2016)

Soul Wins ‘Active Lifestyle Vehicle Of The Year’ Award Kia Motors America’s (KMA) 2016 Soul was named a winner at the 12th annual Active Lifestyle Vehicle (ALV) of the Year awards in Chandler, AZ.  For the fourth consecutive year, a panel of local media and athletes rated the Soul best in the “Urban” category. “Combining

BMW Electric Water Pump Replacement

We recently had a 2007 BMW Z4 with the N52 engine in the shop. When diagnosing a faulty electric water pump, the first thing that needs to be done is to verify if there are any water pump-related diagnostic codes. There’s a very good chance there will be some. I then like to perform a visual inspection, but don’t look for the water pump from the top of the engine. You’ll want to drop the lower panels, and you will see the pump on the lower right side of the engine.

BMW water pump open
Air Ride Dryer Diagnostics

The dryer on most air ride systems contains a moisture-absorbing desiccant, such as silica or specialized clay. All desiccants have a limited lifespan; they can absorb only a certain amount of water. Once the desiccant is saturated, the air coming into the system is no longer treated, and water can then accumulate in the system.

2004 Jaguar XJ pneumatic air suspension.
Diagnostic Solutions: AGM Batteries And Testing

Two of the greatest changes we’ve seen in starting/charging systems during the past few model years have been the expanded use of the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery as standard equipment and the accelerating pricing structures of both AGM and conventional flooded-cell batteries.

Battery cover lifted