February 2021 Archives - Import Car
Nissan CVT Transmission Installation

The dowel pins are solely responsible for properly aligning and locating the transmission onto the back of the engine.

Loaner And Courtesy Car Management For A Shop

A customer in a loaner vehicle is more likely to approve additional service work.

Solving Kia Soul Brake Pad Failures

The main culprit of friction material separation is typically corrosion.

Trial And Error Training

This type of learning curve happens more often than we think.

Jaguar And Land Rover TPMS Service

The philosophy of “Test, Don’t Touch” applies to these systems.

Do Your Shop Challenges Start At The Top?

Shop owners are pressured into offering health insurance, tool allowances and retirement plans for employees.

Import Coolant Confusion

All-season coolant used inorganic acid technology and worked great for almost 30 years.