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Conventional Or Synthetic Engine Oil? How To Choose The Right Types Of Motor Oil

In recent years, the variety of different motor oils that are now available to consumers has multiplied exponentially. It’s more important than ever before to make sure you choose the correct motor oil for your customers’ vehicles. Using the wrong oil may cause problems, as well as void the OEM powertrain warranty.

Vehicle motor oil products include new ultra-low, multi-viscosity, fuel-saving oils.
Lost and Found: When Good Tools Go Missing

How many times have you finished a job, watched the car drive off, and then started cleaning up your tools, only to realize you’ve misplaced something? You’re not completely sure that the missing tool is under the hood or in the interior of the car that just drove off. If you’re lucky, you can call the customer and ask if they’ve found your missing tool.

Automotive Technology: LiDAR And Car Vision

Innovation is happening on multiple fronts in the ADAS vehicle development world. This has caused many who, only last year, were predicting mainstream use of this technology to occur around 2025 to lower their predictions to “much sooner.”

Import Insights: Honda/Acura

The all-new 2016 Honda Civic has earned the prestigious 2016 North American Car of the Year Award. “The all-new Civic was developed and built in North America, making this North American Car of the Year win even sweeter,” said Jeff Conrad, Honda Division senior vice president and general manager.

Air Ride Replacement And Calibration

Air ride replacement is not always plug and play. Most of the time after an air ride component is replaced, a few extra steps might be required before the vehicle is completely repaired. I ran into one of these situations with a 2004 Jaguar XJ8.

A High-Octane Offense In An Industry That Continues To Accelerate

If you need validation for the amount of time you spend daily working “on” your business, look no further than the next televised game of your favorite professional basketball team. There, you’ll witness how a “high-octane” offense energizes the team, engages the audience and drives excitement levels to new heights, becoming a major contributor to another game in the “win” column.

Stocking TPMS Service Kits And Sensors

If you service tires, you should be stocking TPMS service kits as well as sensors. Avoiding the investment in parts and training could leave you with customers who are not satisfied. But, with aftermarket manufacturers of TPMS service items making them more economical for your shop to stock, you shouldn’t give it a second thought.

Kia Preventive Maintenance

Import Specialist Bob Dowie takes a look at the Kia line of vehicles, focusing on common problems and maintenance items that will have them finding their way to your bays. Kia continues to offer a reliable, affordable vehicle lineup that provides import specialist techs with plenty of opportunities for maintenance and repair.

Kia maintenance hubcap