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Business Owners Lie To Themselves At The Peril Of Their Shops

Your competition WANTS you to think you don’t need or can’t afford advertising. It’s a slippery slope.

Constant Velocity Transmission Maintenance Procedures

A CVT transmission requires more or the same frequency of fluid and filter changes as a conventional automatic transmission.

Common VW Oil & Coolant Leak Solutions

As Volkswagens reach the end of their warranty, they will begin to come to your shop with oil and coolant leaks.

Volkswagen Engine Misfire Diagnosis

Misfire faults have been related to conditions like loose/damaged electrical connections, poor circuit grounds and more.

Appetite For Training Obvious In Orlando

There’s no doubt – attendees were hungry for knowledge.

What is Training?

Training is the key to a successful shop.

BMW Electric Water Pump Replacement

Let’s talk about water pumps of the electric variety.

VW EVAP Canister Purge Valve Diagnosis

Performing a function test and vacuum check are essential for proper diagnosis and avoiding any unnecessary replacements.

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