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Fuel System Diagnostics Is All In The Fuel Trim Numbers

With lean-burn operating strategies being built into many of today’s gasoline direct-injection and gasoline compression ignition engines, it’s important to build a foundational knowledge of how fuel trims work in the real world.

The Complete Strut Job

Loaded or complete struts are typically twice the price of a strut and upper mount. Before you say to yourself that there is no way you could sell something that expensive or be competitive locally, put yourself in the shoes of your customer. If you were offered an option that would return your vehicle to almost-new condition, wouldn’t you take it, even if the price were higher?

EVAP Diagnostics

To understand how any EVAP system in a Honda or other vehicle works, you have to know how the EPA tests for evaporative emissions. The EPA tests these systems by putting a car in a sealed chamber. The vehicle is “hot soaked” to simulate the car being run, parked and allowed to cool. Sensitive sensors in the chamber detect the presence of fuel vapor.

Editor’s Notebook: Here’s My Promise…

This hand-written letter from Terry Weiss comes at a good time. His shop has been in business for 45 years – opening in 1974 – just five years before ImportCar was founded. As you will see from his comments, his success is attributed to good, old-fashioned customer service and highest-quality repairs. It’s a fitting picture of what pioneer import specialist shops looked like more than four decades ago, and the resources they used to be successful.

Toyota Camry Tech Tip: ABS Noise, Warning Lamps And Code C1431

Some 2012-’13 model year Camry vehicles may exhibit a condition where ABS brake actuator pump motor noise is heard from the engine compartment with Brake ABS and/or TRAC warning lamp(s) illuminated and DTC C1431 stored.

TPMS: 2011 Toyota RAV4

The RAV4 doesn’t have a reset button underneath the dash or within the glove box, meaning technicians don’t have to worry about getting a TPMS relearn malfunction due to the vehicle’s ECU closed loop. This also means that in order to successfully service the RAV4’s TPMS, a shop needs a dedicated TPMS scan tool.

Detecting Hose Problems Before They Explode

The majority of hoses on a vehicle will fail from the inside out. The minority of hoses will fail due to external damage that can be caused by bad motor mounts or being too close to hot components. Most of these failures take tens of thousands of miles and many heat cycles to occur.

Servicing The Hyundai/Kia Dual Clutch Transmission (DTC)

Hyundai/Kia introduced a Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) or Automatically Shifted Manual Transmission (ASMT) in the 2012 Hyundai Veloster. The dry, dual clutch transmission was first mated to the 1.6 L turbocharged engine and then with other four-cylinder engines found in various Hyundai and Kia models.

Why European Import Brake Surfaces Need Extra Attention

Brake rotor finish is an important topic when it comes to European vehicles because they are more sensitive to poor (rough) surface finishes and irregularities in the casting process.